Because research does not happen in isolation!


Led by Aaron Alexander-Bloch, the Brain-Gene-Development Lab integrates multimodal neuroimaging and genomics data with deep phenotyping of individuals within the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania systems.


Led by Prof. Boris Berhardt the micalab seeks to understand the role of structural and functional brain network organization in integrative and higher-order cognition in healthy and diseased populations, notably people with epilepsy and autism


Led by Prof. Daniel Margulies focussing on the principles of how the cerebral cortex is spatially organized and the role of that organization in human cognition.

Cognitive NeuroGenetics Group

Led by Dr. Sofie Valk the cognitive neurogetics groups uses integrative neuroscience to better understand human cognition through the lesn of genetics and evolution with a specific focus on how this may intersect with clinical conditions.

Gandal Lab

Led by Prof. Michael Gandal the Gandal lab leverages psychiatric genetics, computational biology, functional genomics, and neuroscience to identify the biological underpinnings of -- and novel therapeutic targets for -- neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, including autism (ASD), ADHD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Neurodevelopmental research group

Led by Dr. Varun Warrier at the University of Cambridge and focussing on genetic and social correlates of neurodevelopment and mental health